Turn, turn, turn – Laura Woodward

biophilia – Dani Terrizzie

Too Little Light – Olivia Chamberlain

Creature Feel – Emma Wallbanks

Stuctured – Craig Simpson

Subliminal Terrain – Clayton Morgan


Jhana Millers

To the Aether – Jonathan Kay, Bonny Stewart-MacDonald, Shaun Matthews, Curated by Caroline McQuarrie

Waves – Cameron May

AS IS – Hana Miller & Jacob Perkins

Lisa Walker

Loop the Loop – Emma McIntyre

Full Render – Priya Patel

Lull – Greta van Oyen

Sway – Katherine Joyce-Kellaway

NÝR STAÐUR – Dermott Ferris

Tom Scott Cartoon reWorks – Mardo El Noor

In a class of its own – Brogan Scott

Croon – Tyne Gordon

How long is a can of shaving foam – Taylor Wagstaff

The Sunset Poem – Elijah Winter

Queen Victoria – Jeremy Leatinu'u

Pouwhenua – Camus Wyatt


Brenda Sullivan

Tiny Little Things – Yukari Kaihori

Traces. Memories. Ghosts – Billy McQueen

Surf – Amy Potenger

Mute – Magdalena Podbielkowska Bisley

The Performance Series 2015 – Francesca Emms and Amelia Taverner, Kane Laing, Sam Trubridge, Johann Nortje, Ryan Ballinger, The Welcoming Party

Singles Day – Jade Townsend with Jordana Bragg

Familiaris – Angela Singer

Back Stitch (Flying Geese) – Caroline McQuarrie with Barbara McQuarrie

Ruru – Denise Batchelor

Yume – Jessica Hubbard

In the Corner of Giverny – Clarissa Lim

The Light of My Shadow – Veronica Green

A Town called Moorehouse – Kalya Ward

Is Performative Narrative – Tobias Grice

Captain Wheels – Bridget Reweti

LIGHT – Jono Nott & Patrick Hickley. Alvin Xiong. Karyn Taylor. Dani Terrizzi

Observations – Hannah Beattie

Untitled No. 1 – Clara Wells

In the Now – Rhiannon Smith

Know, Where – Wara Bullôt

NaCl·2H2O – Willough MacFarlane

Les Mills / Segway – Heather Hayward

Pronk – Abigail Meakin

Wynken, Blynken, & Nod – Laila O'Brien

Lilo – Andrew Morley Hall

I AM AM I – Nigel Royal

Origami Unicorn – Julian McKinnon

Roofline Chase – Pauline Autet

Negative Space – Daniel Unverricht

The Dark Hours – Hannah Watkinson


Indoor Record Attempt #3 (Fukuoka Revisited) – Ryan Ballinger

Skiptracer – Joe Prisk & Rohan Hartley Mills

The Performance Series 2014 – In association with The Performance Arcade 2015 and The Playground NZ

Six of One – Shannon Novak, Zixuan Guo, Kathryn Elizabeth Ioasa, Jesse Bowling, Ietje Beets, Craig Simpson

Blue Nonage – Curated by Claudia Arozqueta

BLINDSIGHT – Caitlin Devoy

Lying in Space – In conjunction with PAULNACHE gallery

A Dyadic Template of Morality – Sarah Hyder

Aspiration Surface – Stella Corkery

Julia Holden

Particle Animation #2 – Kane Laing

The boat floats – Sian Torrington

Enemy Coast Ahead – Ian Peter Weston

The Design Show

A Material Thing – Rebekah Rasmussen

Still Change – Diane Scott

After Casper David Friedrich's "The Wreck of Hope" CMY – Anna Maxwell

Transition Elements – Jonathan Kay

Variations – Jason Secto

Internationally Renowned Photographs – From private collections

Tour of the Lakes District, Otago – Ella Mills

Trouble every day – Daniel Calvert

Whatever you want – Lauren Redican & Annsuli Marais


Within Outside – Katherine Joyce-Kellaway

Gina Jones

Internal Landscapes – Maria Sainsbury

Set this house in order – Breckon

Movements from within the archive – Petra Stueben

World of Forms – Bevan Shaw & Carolyn Ayson

Abstract Philosophy – Karyn Taylor

Is this who you really want to be? – Gary Peters

Adjectives – Yolunda Hickman

Condensations – Andrew Kennedy & Ben Clement

Cushla Donaldson and Fisher & Paykel present The Truth – Cushla Donaldson

Unfolding – Antony Densham

David Brown

Brenda Sullivan

Thick and Thin – Glen Snow

A Thin Thread – Mike Heynes

Summer of Gauguin – Emma Chalmers

Untitled4 – Sam Norton

Object / Anti-Object – Paul Cullen

Hello, Photography – Shaun Waugh

Take my breath away – Brydee Rood

Fairways and Bunker – Sam Thomas & Denys Watkins

Eve Armstrong

Campbell Patterson


Let me remind you what to fear – Jade Townsend

Space and Time – Vivien Atkinson

Future Memories – Tom Mackie & Simon Attwooll

No Islands – Shannon Reed & Mark Henley

Borrowed Time – Max Bellamy

Five Snapshot Backs and One Snapshot Front – Lucy Hughes

The Les & Milly Paris Collection

Floating – Regan Gentry

Learning to live with ghosts – Kiri Gillespie

Priya Patel, Scarlett Cibilich & Johnny Titheridge

Recent acquisitions