As Is

Hana Miller & Jacob Perkins

An audiovisual installation with jewellery by Lisa Walker

1 - 25 June 2016


30upstairs As Is


Audiovideo installation, 15 screens

Playing out some of our questions, reactions and strangest associations when first encountering images of Lisa Walker’s work. In the process, also interrogating our own medium and work.

This project began a couple years ago when a friend showed us images of Lisa Walker’s work. It was our first introduction to contemporary jewellery. We were excited to see it and had many questions, the kinds with answers reserved for would-be buyers and wearers: basic thoughts about size, weight and durability, how something would actually feel to wear, in the shower, while walking, getting in and out of a car, to drop on the ground, get wet, bang around. Then there were all the other curiosities, about an artist’s intuition and choices, about form, material, colour.

Instead of asking Lisa any of these questions, we presented them to the camera, at which point things became more self-reflexive. We started to apply what we were discovering about contemporary jewellery to contemporary video, seeing where we could find or force similarities.

Video art is a time based art that often relies on mass produced technologies to be viewed and experienced. It is a multi sensory medium that is passively consumed. Unlike most video, jewellery is intended as interactive, on a personal, individual and physically intimate level.

It is that intrapersonal space, an internal and totally unrestricted space created between a person and a particular object that we wanted to explore. In that space all things are feasible and everything is as it seems.

Audiovisual artists Hana Miller and Jacob Perkins are founders of Ready Steady Studio (RDYSTDY), a creative studio based in Wellington which produces video art, live projection, video installation, and live performance based visual production.

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