Camus Wyatt

4 – 27 February


30upstairs Camus Wyatt


Ohariu Bay, April 2012, silver gelatin print on Ilford Galerie RC Silver Pearl, 30x4”, edition 1/5


: or pou whenua / n 2: post marking a boundary or place of significance.

Often intricately carved. Used to acknowledge the relationship between the people and the land.

My collection Pouwhenua: New Zealand Photographs 2007-2015 is a personal exploration of the idea of New Zealand rooted in the experiences of growing up in the Wairarapa and in travelling through much of the country. This exhibition presents a small selection of works from the wider collection which can be seen through the gallery catalogue.
I don’t plan my photographs in advance, relying instead on instinct to capture fleeting experiences through the camera. The images in Pouwhenua reference our unique culture and position at the end of the world. They focus on the natural light and beauty that surrounds us as well as the urban geography we have created for ourselves.

Camus Wyatt, Wellington 2016

Camus holds a degree in history and politics from Victoria University. His photographic work has been reviewed in Art New Zealand and is held in private collections throughout New Zealand.

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