In the corner of Giverny

Clarissa Lim

21 August - 12 September 2015


Clarissa Lim In the corner of Giverny


Lupins, 2015

Enamel and Photo Release on Plywood

255 X 395 mm

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‘In The Corner of Giverny’ is a collection of paintings that embody a personal representation of glorified, imagined and constructed garden landscapes.

This series of works are created from collages made of photographs and found imagery from magazines. The collages are edited on photoshop to manipulate and transform the photographic imagery to more unified compositions.

The paintings function in the ambiguous field in which the subject operates between figuration and abstraction, the referential and non-referential. The natural beauty of the everyday garden is explored through painting to celebrate subjects for their colour, texture and form.

Clarissa Lim is a recent graduate of the Ilam School of Fine Arts and currently is based in Wellington.