Denise Batchelor

17 September - 10 October 2015


Denise Batchelor Ruru


Ruru, 2011

HD video, duration 02:59

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The silent work Ruru captures the hypnotic gaze of an owl as it surveys its habitat with the evident skill of all-seeing. Nocturnal by nature and rarely seen other than as a fleeting shadow, Ruru allows access to the usually veiled concealment of night.

Through personal encounters with nature and the immediate world around her, Denise Batchelor explores the subject of connection; those moments in time that evoke a sense of kinship or belonging, of being part of a greater whole. These connections range from subtle nuances to the more distinct, evoking feelings of inclusion or alternately, ‘‘creating a feeling of separateness in which we often experience nature as somehow outside of ourselves and disconnected from. My work attempts to bridge these seemingly separate worlds, creating a more intimate space in which to connect and engage”.

Based in Auckland until recently, Batchelor has adopted somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle these days, following her subjects wherever they take her. She has exhibited widely in public and dealer galleries, art centers and festivals, won the Waikato River Art Awards 2014 and was a recipient of the Auckland Council Regional Parks Residency in 2013. Batchelor was a finalist in numerous national awards including the Parkin Prize, Wallace Art Awards, New Zealand Contemporary Art Award and Estuary Art Award. Her work is held in public and private collections including The Wallace Arts Trust and Auckland Council.