Dermott Ferris

6 – 30 April 2016


30upstairs Dermott Ferris


#3, 2015, Soltran print under acrylic glass, LED light box (12v) incased in circular ply frame. Unique photographic sculpture. 600mm(d), $850

The lightboxes in N Ý R S T A Ð U R were created from the light exposure recordings of stars in other solar systems, obtained from NASA’s Kepler Program.

Each image represents a different planet Kepler has discovered and NASA has deemed viable for colonisation. The numerical data from the light readings are processed through a code that generates an organic landscape mesh. The final result is combined with photographic practices and manipulations to create scenes of evolved future humans and their landscapes.


Dermott Ferris recently graduated from Massey University College of Creative Arts with a Bachelor of Design with First Class honours. He lives and works in Wellington.

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