The Sunset Poem

Elijah Winter

4 – 27 February


30upstairs Elijah Winter


Danny Boy, 2015. Video loop, 4:3 VHS transferred to digital, (still) 3:08 mins

The Sunset Poem is a video installation, part of a series of filmed performances. The artist’s face is ornately decorated as they lip-synch to folk songs, which are lifted from a personal archive of recordings of the artist’s late grandfather, who was a prolific Welsh tenor. The artist takes on a form of “drag”, both visually and temporally, to embody the existence and continuity of queerness through time and space.

Elijah Winter is an artist and performer based in Wellington. Her performative work extends across photography, performance and time-based media. Winter’s work is concerned with representation of bodies, histories, gender and sexuality, through the lens of queerness and a post-colonial framework.

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