Loop the Loop

Emma McIntyre

5 – 28 May 2016


30upstairs Emma McIntyre


Space poem, 2016, oil on linen, 700 x 550 mm

The assault

First, a palimpsest.

1. Paint; sprayed/spread/dragged/pushed on to the canvas with gliding ease/or with a forceful pull. Smeared over edges/bleeding. Thick *

*avoid smooth flatness. The painting is not a screen.

(colour is punctuation)

This is a liminal space.

2. Removal; scraping and scrapping, scrapped completely and scraped back to the palimpsest it once was. Or, removed only in places. Like lines of text, punctuating the painting, italicised, bold, repeating words, a footnote, a signature. Splitting paint pulls pools of colour down the surface, intensifying as it gathers density. Scratched. Slashed.

Painting as performative time. Where bodies perform their physicality through the physicality of paint.

Motion, rhythm, speed, evidence on the surface.

The surface is rough/smooth/raw/primed/like a drum. The brush bounces back.


This is the front. That’s behind. No that’s the front and this is the background. That’s an edge. No it’s a line. That’s a space. No, it’s a thing. Round and round, and over and over.

3. Colours duck/dive, underneath and then on top again. Paradoxical gestures at play – a brushstroke is a scrape.

The painting is performance (in making and seeing/looking).

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