Les Mills / Segway

Heather Hayward

30 April – 23 May 2015


Heather Hayward


Les Mills Gym, Wellington, New Zealand, 2014

Digital video with ambient audio

2:54 (loop)

As a New Zealander, living in a country that is geographically the ‘last stop’ before Antarctica, I like to employ modes and methods of travel and exploration; walking, flying, maps, the internet, photography.

I like video work for its ability to capture moments that occur naturally in the world. These moments are often far more complex and beautiful than anything that I could ever imagine, conjure or fabricate. It also allows me to express an idea without making an object. Video work is light and free and travels effortlessly.

These two works are moments I came across while walking in cities. I saw them occur many times, and they are still happening out in the world. The actions are repeated on a loop, both in the gallery and in the places that they are gathered from.

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