Ian Peter Weston

Enemy Coast Ahead

11 June - 5 July 2014


Ian Peter Weston


Mainspar. Then Elsie from Porjus. Now a reconstruction work. Enamel paint on paper and paper card construction, adhesive, steel and aluminium fasteners. 420cm x 56cm x 7cm.

Wall texts:
Enemy Coast Ahead, an autobiography by Guy Gibson Wing Commander Guy Gibson, by Ian Peter Weston Count Stanhauser, quoted from 'Biggles goes to war' by Capt. W.E. Johns

The background to my practice is the notion that painting may be primarily considered in terms of a negotiation of its thickness and its materiality. This is translated through the production of painted substrates that are constructed as complex folded forms. The folded painting is intended to be experienced via the continuous play of parallax effects available to an observer who moves and turns around the work.

The production of these works are initiated by occurrences of remembrance. These production activities will in turn initiate the chaining events of involuntary memory, resulting in an intertwining of past and present.

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