A Town Called Moorehouse

Kalya Ward

23 July – 15 August 2015


Kalya Ward A Town Called Moorehouse



Digital Video, 7:17 mins

Ferrymead, Christchurch

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A Town Called Moorehouse considers notions of place, its perception, and how it is actualised through meaning, both for the individual and for communities. Perceptions of place are intimately bound with time and memory as much as the physical possession of it, as with making sense of the world around us.

The fictitious township of Moorhouse at Ferrymead Historic Park, is constructed of, and fabricated from, the detritus and refuse of time. Carefully replicated out of ‘likenesses’ or restored buildings from around New Zealand, that are similar, but dissimilar in their (mostly) being of elsewhere and of any time.

Kalya Ward is a visual artist based in Wellington, NZ and recently finished her MFA from Massey University Collage of Creative arts Wellington.