Kane Laing

Particle Animation #2

11 June - 5 July 2014


Kane Laing


Animated video loop. 1 min 14 sec. Edition of 3 + AP

This work is the latest in a series of animation tests exploring abstract composition, animated form and vocal improvisation. Using a set of rules: rhythmic, melodic and modal, a soloist is able to explore musical variations in a spontaneous and linear time-frame. My approach with these animations is the same, following the rule of using short black lines to create the image and the vocal range of my voice.

The animation is unplanned, with each drawing based on the previous one. This latest iteration is a distillation of the previous tests, with a greater focus on creating dynamic action.

The work and its soundtrack also reference the fun and simplistic nature of old 8-bit video games, which I played a lot of when growing up.

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