Borrowed Time

Max Bellamy

6 September – 29 September


Max Bellamy


Max Bellamy [Bio]

Carte Blanche

1:05 - HD video

Edition of 3

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Max Bellamy is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker based in New Zealand. Though most often framing his practice through the lens of a camera, he is also comfortable with sculpture, installation and works on paper. Bellamy’s artworks tap social fantasies around (dis)location, expectation and doom. Our saturated image terrain is distilled and repositioned by Bellamy to provide some distance from our intimate relationship with the screen. “Traversing mediums and contexts helps my creativity to come naturally. I get tired of repeating myself quickly so my practice is constantly changing and I make sure I’m always free to take another path, whatever feels right for a project. It’s interesting that while making, artworks can seem disparate but with hindsight it’s clear there’s a common thread that make them distinctly mine.”

Max graduated from the Electronic Arts department of the Dunedin School of Art in 2008 where he went on to teach until 2011. Max has exhibited art throughout NZ and shown films internationally.