Roofline Chase

Pauline Autet

5 - 28 February


Pauline Autet



Camera obscura installation, paint

The camera obscura is a technique used by early painters to aid sketching their subject accurately on a canvas before painting it. Light comes into a black box or room through a pinhole and projects on the internal walls an inverted image of the subject outside. Today, as technology has replaced most manual reproduction methods, entering a camera obscura reveals the invisible and fundamental mechanics of a camera.

Roofline Chase is a site-specific camera obscura installation and is part of an ongoing series of works by Autet. Choosing to work with a room of the gallery which is usually painted black, she has scratched a pinhole in the black-painted window and highlighted the sky and neighbouring roofline by painting selected areas white. The imperfect architectural details of the gallery are accentuated and layered with ordinary city rooftops, merging internal and external, private and public spaces and underlining things we wouldn't usually look at.