The Performance Series 2014

In association with The Performance Arcade 2015 and The Playground NZ

A suite of 6 performance works from 28 November - 11 December 2014. Curated by Sam Trubridge, assistant curator Kirsty de Jong


The Performance Series 2014


Lucy Wardle

Wandering Objects

Lucy Wardle opens The Performance Series 2014 with Wandering Objects, an assemblage of 40 sculptures constructed using second hand woollen blankets.
Simultaneously sensory and sinister, the gallery heaves with these seemingly animate objects that yearn to be touched. Wardle's placement within the work encourages viewers to unlock the performative capacity of the objects and bring them to life.

The Performance Series 2014 Schedule

Friday 28 Nov 5.30-7.30pm – Wandering Objects, Lucy Wardle

Sat/Sun 29-30 Nov 12-6pm – Wandering Objects, Lucy Wardle

Mon/Tues 1-2 Dec 12-6pm – Rainscape, Debbie Fish & Lisa Taylor

Wed/Thurs 3-4 Dec 12-6pm – Only Girl in the World, Erica Sklenars

Fri/Sat 5-6 Dec 12-6pm – The Bosch Box, Lucy Marinkovich

Mon/Tues 8-9 Dec 12-6pm – Space Invaders II, Sam Trubridge

Wed/Thurs 10-11 Dec 12-6pm – Rinse and Repeat, Meg Rollandi