Sian Torrington

The boat floats

11 June - 5 July 2014


Sian Torrington


Mixed media.

My work crosses all media; working ideas through drawing, collage, sculpture, installation and writing. Because my practice is so deeply rooted in process, I am often asked "How do you plan your work?" By commissioning Sam Wallis to document the work, via thumbnails, this show attempts to address that question. The interweaving of the drawings, sculptures, collages and installation is reflected in the final arrangement within the exhibition space.

Within the exhibition there are: photos from years ago, small plans or models which reflect forms now realised, remnants of previous installations, materials kept and reused. Now in their final resting place, they contain the energy and patina of their previous life.

This show also explores the metaphor of the boat as a means of protection and survival. When asked about life as an artist, I always reply "The boat floats". It has holes, it is battered by storms, and yet it bravely raises a tattered sail and floats, strangely in it's own self sufficient glory.

It has a dark anchor with a pinking balloon
It drifts determinedly through your painted blue
mass twirling flirtatiously like I have to,
towards cut out pencil marks pouring up and outwards.
It is made of pieces of all of you. Some so long ago I don't know where to look.
Goat horns will have to do, I think, and a string or two.
Trawling finding the glints among seeming.
Absolute rubbish.
It is fragile and strong,
all made up.

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