Is Performative Narrative

Tobias Grice

23 July – 15 August 2015


Tobias Grice Is Performative Narrative


Seed Line, Bird Line, 2014

Digital Video, 3:36mins

Melbourne, Australia

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Using walking as the primary source material, and operating within my local environment, I seek to engage in a process of observing both critically, and in wonderment. In attempting to use this tourist-like mindset in a familiar environment, I aim to open a dialog around the elements at play within an urban context and the nuances of objects, or social behaviours that exist within our cultures. I also hope to prompt individuals to discuss their understanding of objects or phenomena, and the embedded language existing within their own locality.

Is Performative Narrative presents two works that use simple prompts for their creation. Employing in part absurd but simple actions they implicate the viewer, who could easily perform these works, in an investigation into the potential meaning embedded in these phenomena through an explicit performance history.

Tobias Grice is a Melbourne based practitioner who graduated from RMIT, Melbourne, in 2015.