Willough MacFarlane

30 April – 23 May 2015


Willough MacFarlane


Pink Room, 2015

600 x 600mm. Archival Inkjet print on 235g Epson satin.

All editions of 3 + AP

Sparkling salt crystals and pink syrupy ponds provide a graphic contrast to surrounding hills of dead grass. NaCl·2H2O is an abstract exploration of Seddon’s Grassmere Salt Works.

The geometric ponds of Grassmere are at once both liquid and parched to the touch, condensed by the excessive amount of sodium chloride left from the timely evaporation of seawater. The divergent qualities of the thick pink brine and large sparkling crystals provide a pallet for a surreal yet real environment. NaCl·2H2O intends to show the contrasts of an unusual liquid expanse in an immensely withered and hard landscape. Through utilising photographic imagery of this sunbaked sea, new spaces are constructed in an attempt to create environments of ridged geometry, while being unattainably made of thick rippling liquid.

NaCl·2H2O amplifies the pre existing oddities of the terrain that is Grassmere Salt Works.

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